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Going it Alone: A Guide for Solo Mums in the UK
by Emily Engel

the author, and her book

At the age of 38, I realised that I wanted to have my own family. My fertile years were running out, but without a suitable partner in sight, I had to consider other options. I registered with a fertility clinic for treatment with donor sperm, and I followed up a notice inviting other single women to meet and form a support group.

mum and toddler cuddling After 4 years of fertility treatment I gave birth to my son, and I joined the Donor Conception Network (DCN). For 20 years I provided information and support to single women in the DCN who were in the same situation. This experience convinced me of the importance of support networks and openness in creating a positive setting for our children to develop into stable and well-adjusted adults.

Now in my 60s and retired, my son grown up and independent, I've written the first UK guide to choosing solo motherhood as all the currently existing books focus on the USA. The culture there is different – health is mostly a private service, fertility treatment and the trade in sperm and eggs are unregulated and profit driven. Although much fertility treatment here is also in the private sector, our acceptance of the government’s right to set limits on the industry, together with the existence of the NHS, create a very different ethos. The practice of fertility treatment, and the supply of eggs and sperm are strictly regulated and inspected.

This book is published as both a paperback and an e-book. To get a copy please click on the ‘buying the book’ link below.

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