Discrimination survey

Of the 204 women who answered this question, 32% felt that being single had affected their treatment, 68% felt that it had not. However, some of the incidents reported by those who had felt discrimination sound serious.  Many of these women will be reluctant to jeopardise their treatment by making a complaint, and/ or will be in be in a location where there is no alternative to the clinic they are using. Note that these incidents may become rarer as the centres get used to more single women seeking treatment.

Some examples are:
-     being told that she would have a longer wait than most because some of the consultants would not deal with her on ethical grounds
-     being point blank refused treatment (in an NHS hospital) even though she had frozen eggs stored in their clinic
-     being lectured on the ‘immorality’ of her decision
-     GPs refusing to do any of the tests as she did not technically have a medical problem
-     Having her choice of donor rejected as he had specifically stated he did not consent to it being used by a single woman, and they had not checked before offering it to her.