Counselling survey

Half of the 201 women who answered this question did not want any more counselling than was offered, but a third also had private counselling or therapy relating to this decision. Three women do not remember ever being offered any counselling. Several women reported their appreciation for the support they were given, clinic based and outside the clinical setting.  

Some women were dissatisfied with the clinic counselling. For instance:
-     One disastrous session recently on ‘end of the road’ vs. one more go …
-     I was unhappy with the obligatory session – unprofessional, lack of confidentiality, style …
-     It didn’t feel like counselling at all, more like being told about obligations and research and what’s best for the child. I got much better support from the counsellor at my local hospital.
-     I found the counsellor very unhelpful and made a formal complaint.

However, others report having had excellent support from their clinic counsellor, so it does seem to depend both on the individual’s needs and the particular counsellor.