fertility treatment status survey

Of the 162 women who answered this question, 72% were pregnant or had successfully completed treatment and given birth, with 13% considering having a second baby. 25% of those who answered were still considering or trying to start a family, and 3% had given up the idea.

Several women mentioned having frozen embryos standing by in case they decide to have a second child, but there were no questions addressing this option directly.

One area that is poorly researched is the group of women who give up. It would be helpful to know what led to this decision, but obviously, most of them are reluctant to discuss, they want to move on. For those of us at the start of this process, it’s valuable to be warned that it can be arduous and there are no guarantees, although few will be able to set themselves clear limits until they have experienced the process. Being aware that we may change plans, what our limits are: how much time or money, or how many times we are willing to reconsider what we are doing, will make it easier to do when we reach that point.