Annual Income survey

177 women answered this question. The average full-time salary in 2015 was £27,600. This survey was taken in December 2015 to February 2016, so the average may have risen slightly, but it looks like over 50% of respondents were earning above the average, so a comfortable, rather than wealthy group. Eighteen of the respondents were on reduced income due to maternity leave.

The distribution of income seems more even than in the general population.  More than half the respondents earned well over the average income (17% earning more than twice the average), but over a quarter earned less than two-thirds of the average.

The explanation may lie in the fact that many of us have achieved a good standard of living by the time we start our families, and maintaining it can be achieved on a relatively low income, for instance if the mortgage is paid off. Evidently, while some choose to scale down, others manage to continue sustain a healthy income that covers the childcare costs to allowing them to continue their work.

Several women volunteered the information that they had given up demanding careers and re-trained to do something that would give them more time and energy for their child(ren). This would warrant clarification in further research, so women can see the longer term consequences make their choices accordingly.